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Bellevue Attractions: Why Live in Bellevue?

As the home to some of the largest, most influential corporations in the world, Bellevue is a clean, organized, and lively city. Ranked number 4 in the 2010 “100 Best Places to Live” study, Bellevue sports some of the best food, friends, and fun. The city’s high schools consistently rank extremely well, and it is […]

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Renting in Seattle: A Guide to Success – Part II

Congratulations! You’ve learned from Part I in this 2-part series on renting in Seattle, and you’ve evaluated your rental options based on your needs and compiled a list of your most-preferred options. However, its not all down-hill from here. The next step is to evaluate the hidden costs before you make a final decision and […]

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Four Improvements for Your kitchen to Increase Renting Value

The kitchen is the center of your home. This is the one room that any potential renters will make for once they enter the building. As a result, it is very important that your kitchen looks its very best. This is where our experts at North Pacific Property Management can help you. Through experience, we’ve […]

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Good Property Management: The Secret to Successful Renting

The latest surveys reveal that single family renters, not homeowners, are the most satisfied demographic in the home market. Research suggests that, overall, renters are happier than homeowners. Over half of all rental units in the U.S. are single family rentals; the industry has grown by over 20% since 2005, adding 4 million units. Now […]

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UPDATE: Renting Statistics Infographic

Our last blog post showed some recent data statistics relating to U.S. renting markets, focusing in on the Seattle area. Recently, we found a helpful infographic summary of some of this rental data. The graphic comes from AppFolio, an online property management software company. We recently switched to their property management software services for our […]

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