Shean Parmalee

Shean as the Director of Multifamily has demonstrated superior leadership skills with the North Pacific Properties executive team, in the management of Multi-Family and Affordable Properties.

Shean succeeds with his comprehensive understanding and delivery of the required financial performance of each property while embracing the dynamics of braided funding that is often involved in the affordable housing environment. He excels in the execution of these requirements and in finding a good rhythm to maximize the potential of any project.

His passion for multi-Family buildings has continued the growth with-in NPP and truly springs from his holistic approach for the operations of each property and positive can-do attitude.

He enjoys engaging with his team in networking with local communities to offer real resources to families ranging from after school programs to healthy cooking classes. He has also partnered with many resources in the social work enterprise to help bridge the gap between Homelessness to independent successful living. Shean also thrives in thinking outside box to help bolster the financial support of conventional properties.

Shean is a licensed broker with over 15 years of experience in the field. He has been awarded business Manager of the year 2009, holds a Certified Occupancy Specialist from NCHM (National Center for Housing Management), several ongoing years of training with Washington State Housing Finance Commission, serves the Career and Develop Committee with the Washington Multi Family Housing Association and holds and maintains his accredited Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) certificate from the National Apartment Association.

Shean and his wife Sydney enjoy their young son Dominic, finding new or continuing traditional events within their family in the Great Pacific Northwest. He also enjoys trying to play golf and hosting social events.

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