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The Upside to Real Estate Services With the rate real estate company is developing in the US, it’s the optimal/optimally business option to set your money in. So as to pursue a real estate small business, you must have a proper little plan of activities. The genuine estate business is a true definition of passion […]

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How Property Owners can Benefit from Switching to Pet Friendly Properties

As a property owner, have you ever considered making your rental properties pet-friendly? Odds are that the thought has crossed your mind, but you likely dismissed it. Perhaps one or more of the following issues crossed your mind: Too much overhead. Potential of damage to property (scratches on doors or floors, urine stains). Additional expenses. […]

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The Economic Uptick and the Best Places to Live In the Seattle Area

Everyone knows that Seattle is the focal point of most Washington activity. With several major companies and employers established in Seattle property, easy access to the downtown area is in high demand. But finding a comfortable and affordable place to live in the Seattle area can be tricky. Luckily, there are a number of wonderful […]

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The Seattle Rental Market Trends and Culture Shifts

If you’re in the rental market for a new Seattle home, you have probably already discovered that rental market prices are climbing—and quickly! Whatever neighborhood you’re looking at, prices are creeping steadily upward, and what with the new changes to minimum wage requirements, we are all bracing ourselves for another leap upward. Supply and Demand: […]

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A Buyer’s and Seller’s Real Estate Update for Spring 2014

Spring, the prime season for real estate exchange, is upon us! Buyers are searching for a great purchase, and sellers are hoping for offers. But what does the current Spring 2014 real estate market look like? Is it conducive to profitable real estate activity? The answer is yes! Reports indicate the housing market recovery across […]

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